Solace in the Sesh: Why is this lockdown so much worse than the last two?

It is now 3pm on Monday morning and I am sitting in a hole of post sesh blues. My glands are protruding out of my neck, my hair is inexplicable and I smell so bad my boyfriend likened it to a corpse that had been laid out in the sun for 3 weeks and smeared with garlic.

The last three days have passed by in a blur of gear, psychedelics, and sleeping pills that could knock out a rhino. When it came to the third sesh on Saturday night, I was striking out and the universal consensus in the room was to put me to bed as my behavior got increasingly stranger.

Before anyone comes at me for seshing in a lockdown, it was with my boyfriend and his flatmates, making it my bubble.

I’m feeling particularly shit this lockdown. I’m drinking so much more and obviously making shitty mistakes. My question is, what makes this lockdown so much grimmer than the last two?

Let’s reflect. In March last year, it all seems a bit new, exciting and short-termed. Going for a ‘government-sanctioned walk’ seemed funny and we all thought the end would come by summer, with whispers of “this is so historic they will teach it in schools for hundreds of years to come! And WE lived through it!” Things sort of went back to normal in the summer, only for the spike in cases to go shooting up and a second national lockdown coming down.

Time flew in the second lockdown. I had coronavirus and had maxed out my time in isolation which made it crap for me, but I could taste that Christmas pudding, sitting around the fire with Mum reminiscing about what a horrific year it had been and how it was now coming to an end.

But 2021 came in strong. This third lockdown really is the pits. There are no jobs. No escape from the confines of your flat/house (unless your an ‘influencer’ who NEEDS to go to Dubai on a ‘business trip’) and no telling when these deadly strains are going to stop mutating and disappear. The light at the end of the tunnel is diminishing, and so is national morale.

But I guess everyone is feeling like me? Finding solace at the end of a bottle of Blossom hill and completing Netflix. I think it would be hugely beneficial to have an end date for this pandemic – for example, if Boris said ‘everyone stay the fuck inside until April 21st, and then I promise we will have boshed out the vaccine and you will be free (they’re doing 200 a minute).

Do you think an end date would be better? Or would it be like a child waiting for Christmas, which takes ages to come?

Let me know


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