My 6 Pet Peeves Which Are Incredibly Grating

  1. Meanderers. People that walk at a glacial pace in front of you but can’t hold a straight line. You end up trying to make a break for the over-take, only to nearly go into the back of the Sunday walker. Bonus hatred if they are carrying a suitcase or are holding hands with their equally slow partner.
  2. People talking about their dreams. Even if I was in it, I don’t care what fictional story your brain made up when you were in a state of apparent coma.
  3. People that switch on the light on without any warning. Why? It literally makes eyes sting. Even with a two-second warning the whole room could mentally prepare, but no, you only think about yourself, don’t you.
  4. People on tandem bicycles. I don’t know why, but I get second-hand embarrassment and that annoys me.
  5. People who give their dogs specific instructions. Dogs have limited intelligence and people are having full-blown conversations with them. ‘Oh, Wilbur get out of that bush!’ Wilbur doesn’t know what a bloody bush is. ‘Oh, drop that Wilbur – that’s not your stick!’ LIKE WILBUR NOW HAS SOME CONCEPT OF OWNERSHIP.
  6. People that clap out obnoxiously loudly.

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