Life is Soup and I am a Fork

‘Only boring people get bored’ is that true though? Or maybe just becoming an adult with responsibilities makes you boring? Forces you to be boring?

My life has slipped into a very mundane cycle – eat, sleep, teach, repeat. Each night I come home and rustle up some fried chicken before getting into bed at 8pm and scrolling through Reddit. What happened to me? I used to be a wild day seizer shunting off plans. This is why I’ve downloaded Tinder (dating app) and have set up a string of dates set up over the coming week. I need some spice in my life.

I actually set one up for Friday night, which I was extremely excited about. On Thursday night I hunkered down at 9pm, set my alarm, turned my phone on flight mode and drifted into the deepest sleep that I’ve had since I was in the womb. I awoke at dawns crack the next day to see a string of messages on my Instagram saying he was at the bar and where was I? The last message he sent me was that he was leaving; he hoped nothing bad happened to me and to let him know if I was okay. What a lovely chap. Fuck up number 1.

I was booked for a Sunday brunch with a very handsome man, only to find out he wasn’t much of a talker. I threw him so many conversational-ropes but to no avail, and being a very chatty person myself I was racked my brains frequently of things to say, eventually having to pull out the ‘If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?’ line. Sigh. Dating is not as fun as I remembered.

Now Tuesday was a scrumptious date – My first date with someone of the same gender. We got on like a house on fire! She was hilarious and cool and we later went clubbing and did a bunch of balloons and I got home stupidly late. The hangover was worth it. I would later find out that she is a really great friend of mines ex. Anyway, plenty more fish in the sea (?) Not looking promising so far.

Wednesday night was drinks with the guy from Friday night who I unintentionally stood up. I was pretty gobsmacked that he even wanted to meet with me again and if I’m honest; I don’t think I would have done the same. We actually got on really well and giggled the whole night. We talked a lot about party’s, respecting women and living in HCMC and as an added bonus, he drank as fast as me (always ready to order at the same time together) and smoked as much as me (so you don’t feel self-conscious). 10/10 want to meet him again. I haven’t heard anything back from him though? Do I have to message FIRST? Ugh, no thanks.

Alright, back to another month/year of unintentional celibacy.


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