Important things to take traveling that people don’t tell you to bring.

Problem: Traveling alone and having difficulty striking up a conversation

Solution: Novelty piece of clothing

I traveled with my Mac Miller (RIP) jumper. It had an overgrown child on the front and big, bubbly writing that said incredibly dope since 92. I made so many friends wearing it – it was a great conversation starter and eventually, I had to sleep with the jumper on due to people threatening to steal it. 10/10 purchase. Buy any piece of clothing that’s worth mentioning, be it sequins or a ridiculous hat and you won’t regret it.

mac miller
My exact jumper



Problem: Long waits at bus stops/ stinted conversation.

Solution: Cards

A lifesaver. Have them handy, fling them out in awkward silences or if you are stuck with a stuffy crowd. Everyone loves cards and it’ll be easier to catch a vibe.



Problem: You’ve been invited to a smart party and have nothing to wear

Solution: Posh dress

You may think you’ll be slumming it in dorms for your trip to save cheddar. Howeverrr somewhere along the line, you will meet someone who wants you to come to their boat party or wants you to star in their beer commercial (both of these things happened to me). Instead of splurging and going through the hassle of finding something adequate, be prepared!


Problem: Your sitting at on a beach with pals and have no music, someone resorts to putting their phone in a cup to try and amplify the sound.

Solution: Speaker

Pretty self-explanatory. Also wards off those annoying people who whip out their guitar for an bad rendition and sing-along of Wonderwall.



Problem: Having to take billions of different photos because the vain one in the group is constantly complaining about that bad angle.

Solution: Disposable camera.

I know they are a bit retro, and you’ll have to carry them around until you get home, but my, are they worth it. Obviously, you can only take one photo and you cant look at it until you get them developed. This means you’ll use it sparingly and it’ll be a nice surprise for when you get home and are dealing with the post-trip blues.


Problem: You’re in a 20-man dorm and the dude in the corner sketches you out

Solution: Padlock

Your stuff will be stolen if you don’t take precautions. People have no moral compasses and will target big dorms because they know there will be some loser that hides all their valuables under their mattress. Don’t let that person be you – bring a padlock and use the lockers provided.


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