The Crystal Healing Hype

New to the world of crystals? Mildly curious? Semantically confused over why anyone would waste money on glorified rocks? The crystal craze is back and it is bringing a ton of positive energy with it.
I became interested in crystals when I was going through a particularly rough time in my life. My job was going tits up, my divorced parents had a reborn surge of hate for one another and my dog had died. I found solace in some quick retail therapy and stumbled across a shabby hippy shop that stood out in one of Europe’s most prestigious high streets. Immediately entrained by its energy, I bumbled in. Among the wash of oddly tie-dyed ponchos and offensively large bongs, there was a corner with little baskets of colourful stones. Each had a handwritten sign which posited the properties it could give you; for example ‘courage,’ ‘confidence’ and ‘serenity.’ After careful contemplation, I bought the Rose Quartz, Blood Stone and the Citrine stone and carried them home with a new sense of empowerment and (dare I say?) purpose.
When home I began doing some research. Crystals are supposed find you when needed the most and disappear when no longer serving (ever suddenly lost jewellery containing a gem?) I dug a little deeper.
Crystal use dates back at least 6,000 years and have been used in many ancient civilizations. The ancient Egyptians would bury their dead with quartz on their forehead, believed to help them safely arrive in the afterlife. The Greeks would rub their bodies with hematite before battle to ensure their invincibility.
In today’s world crystals are an alternative therapy to bring fulfilment, enlightenment and healing. Each have a stable and unchanging energy pattern coupled with a unique frequency that brings balance to the mind and soul. Harnessing the energy of the Moon, Sun and oceans they connect us to Earth and dispense their healing powers from these elements of the universe.
Major celebrities such as Adele are strong advocates, check her story below:
“I was so nervous about my comeback show and I was panicking. I was out of practice and I was busy being a Mum. But it was one of the best shows I’ve ever done and I had these bloody crystals in my hand … Then the Grammys came and I lost my fucking crystals! I had a gig two or three days before them and I think I left them at this venue. It turned out to be the worst, most disastrous performance that I have ever done. Well, apart from one really early on when I was doing a gig in Angel and I got so drunk I fell off my chair. But I got some new crystals now and everything’s been going well.” —The Sun, March 2016
So there you are. If you are now a little inquisitive about crystals go and try it out. Pick a crystal by standing in front of an array, close your eyes and let yourself gravitate towards one. That will be the stone with the most powerful energy and has the properties you are in need of most. Keep it on your desk, nightstand, wear it as a necklace or (if you want to be like Miranda Kerr) put it in your bra.
I am no expert in crystals but love learning about them. Below is a chart with some more information.
Crystal chart

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